Banded Mountain Terrier

Origin:  Hunt Country, Virginia

Established: 2005.

Mission Statement: 

The Banded Mountain Terrier was created by crossing some of the USA's top winning Jack Russell bloodlines to imported working Fell & Lakeland type terriers which have been kept for eons by farmers, landowners and terriermen in the rugged Lake district of England and Northern Ireland.  (Not to be confused with the Lakeland terrier commonly seen in the present day kennel club show rings.)   These uncommon dogs were first and foremost valuable tools in the control of pests, vermin and livestock predators, but were also constant and loyal companions in the sometimes isolated areas they populated.  

The objective was to merge the qualities of the Jack Russell--intelligence, energy, adaptability and working instincts,  with the more laidback, easy-going personality, dense bone, strong head, flawless movement and harsh, tight coat structure of the Lakeland, making for a superb working terrier and ideal companion all in one sharp package.  This is a "colored" Terrier, but often with white leg and/or chest markings; but most importantly, he must display the distinctive White Band on the back of the neck.  See the Breed Standard for more detailed information.


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